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If you are looking for care in Gloucestershire, you will find all the different care providers listed in the Care Directory, produced by Care Choices. GCPA Member Providers are indicated with GCPA against their entry. 

To access the Care Directory please click the link below to go to the Care Choices website:

Care Choices Gloucestershire

Alternatively, click below to download the Gloucestershire Care Directory:

Gloucestershire Care Directory

Free independent advice on how to pay for care and support

The Care Advice Line is a free information and advice service for adults and carers in Gloucestershire with care and support needs, or anyone who wants to plan how they will fund care and support in the future. The aim of the service is to help individuals and their families make informed decisions about their care and how they pay for it.

The Care Advice Line provides personalised information and advice, plus guidance on legal and financial considerations. It will help people to make informed decisions about how they can pay for their care and support, and the impact this may have on their finances. Where appropriate, it can help individuals to access independent professional advice.

The service can advise on issues such as:

  •  What the Care Act will mean for an individual.

  •  The different types of care available and their associated costs.

  • How to arrange care and support, including direct access to recognised experts in care fee negotiation.

  • The range of options there are to help fund care costs.

  • What the pension reforms mean and the potential impacts on funding future care and support needs.

  • Access to appropriate legal advice or regulated financial advice.

For more information, please call 01452 222200 (MON – FRI 9am-5pm)

 Or visit