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Power Direct Mission Statement: https://youtu.be/ZPPgH5I--J4

Power Direct are the people you want on your side when it’s time to re-contract for your care home’s energy supply. We are experts when it comes to negotiating costs and contracts with numerous energy suppliers.

We’re also a company that offers the personal touch. You can choose services that range from simple gas and electricity procurement, to our full energy management which includes energy procurement, invoice validation and managing siteworks. We’re confident we can adapt the specifics of our services to the precise requirements of your business.

These services mean that energy should never cost your business administrative time whilst you can be confident that the energy itself is only costing you what it should. By having at our fingertips all relevant contract options; infrastructure knowledge; and the insights needed to ensure your requirements are managed correctly; you’re empowered to make the right decisions – whilst being free to focus your energies on running your care home.

We offer the unique opportunity to our clients to buy individually or with a larger group through our buying baskets. Our buying basket allows you to continue individual decision making about your purchasing, on fixed prices for the term of the contract whilst taking advantage of the buying power of a much larger consumption than just your own.

Buying Basket Information - Deadline 27 July 2018

New Beginnings Gloucester Ltd              

New Beginnings Gloucester Ltd provides long and short term residential care to people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, those with mental health problems as well as those that are considered challenging to others. New Beginnings has over ten years of experience within the care sector with experienced staff working with our people within community settings throughout the Gloucester area.

New Beginnings Gloucester Care Homes have been using the Power Direct services since 2014. During this time Power Direct have helped them reclaim over £18,000 from our Bill Validation services.


Holly Innes - Office Manager

“Without using Power Directs full services I would never have spotted the incorrect charges on my bills, this saved us a huge amount of money which was returned to us in full. Managing the energy contracts for multiple care homes was extremely time consuming but now this is all managed by my account manager Sinead. Whenever I have any questions about my contract I can simply pick up the phone and call directly through to Sinead who is always available, no more waiting on hold at call centres! As a care home we are frequently targeted for cold calling regarding our energy contracts and it is a big relief being able to point all of these calls in the direction of Power Direct.”

In our experience our invoice validation service is extremely useful to care and nursing homes and can yield large refunds. This checking and confirmation service is focused on identifying any possible discrepancies in your energy bills. From ensuring the numbers are based on accurate usage data, to guaranteeing the correct VAT rates are being applied; we deliver £1000s in savings each year to our clients.


For more information please contact:

Darren Hurst

Business Development Executive

T: 01452 347 549

E: darren.hurst@powerdirectltd.com

W: http://www.powerdirectltd.com/