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Network Events

Network event for Gloucestershire International Recruits

GCPA are currently running network events for international recruits working in adult social care in Gloucestershire. This event is hosted by Gugu Mthethwa and Ollie Counter, who encourage attendees to share their experiences and offer support in return.

We believe that these events will create a new support network in Gloucestershire for new and existing international recruits working in adult social care and give plenty of opportunities to make good friendships.

 “We really enjoyed today’s networking event. This is a good initiative for international employees.”

“The event was amazing and really helpful for me. I got a lot of new information from your side. Gugu and Ollie made excellent conversation with me and my husband. I would like to learn more about my career progression.”

“It was a good event. Thank you for organising it. Once we have our recruits, I am sure they will benefit from this pastoral support immensely.”