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Who are occupational health? 

  • An SEQOHS accredited NHS Occupational Health Service
  • SEQOHS stands for Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service – FoM
  • OH is part of Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust – Community Trust (physical and mental health services)
  • A multi-disciplinary clinical team – over 50 in our team!
  • Specialise in the relationship of work and its impact on health and health and its impact on work

How can occupational health help? 

  • OH can be an integral part of the health and wellbeing programme available to you and your employees
  • Concentrates on the relationship of health and work – the impact work can have on health, and health on work
  • Supports you to have a meaningful wellbeing conversation – you can say ‘how are you really?’ OH are in the background ready to support
  • Has confidentiality and consent at the core of its service – nothing will ever be shared unless consent has been given by the colleague – no consent, no report
  • Can help you to make sure you do not inadvertently make decisions which could mean you are discriminating against someone.

OH always take a holistic approach to an individual’s circumstances – health is one part of wellbeing – relationships, financial implications, caring responsibilities, addictions, abuse.

  • OH will always support individuals to remain/return to work, if safe to do so –  our recommendations have a number of purposes including:
  • Helping the individual to feel listened to, respected and valued
  • To keep the individual safe,and those they support and work with, safe
  • To help the individual and a line manager to find a way forward so they can return to work (good work is good for you)
  • If appropriate, to recommend adjustments to working arrangements such as hours of work, temporary change in duties or environment as well as redeployment
  • OH can provide a return to work plan which is in line with the employee’s needs

Referral route for occupational health: 


  • All you need to do is to send the referral through to workingwell@ghc.nhs.uk 
  • Make sure you put your organisation (ICS) as organisation name so that Admin will pick up that it is part of the independent care service support we are providing and not Gloucestershire ICB.