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Proud to Care

Proud to Care Gloucestershire

“The Proud to Care Team provide support for the independent care sector and the care community across Gloucestershire. The team support with recruitment, retention, training and development opportunities to support the care sector to overcome the challenges they face in these areas.

“The team also work closely with the Employability and Skills Hub who connect people wishing to work in care with a suitable employer based on shared values and appropriate skills. The team have also updated their jobs page so that job seekers can search for local jobs and make those connections independently.

“The team also organise and facilitate recruitment and retention network meetings for care providers to share best practice, discuss challenges and hear from subject matter experts. These networks are run on a quarterly basis and alternate between being face-to-face and online.

“Following engagement with the market, the team have also developed new training, development & wellbeing webpages dedicated to the care sector on the Proud to Care website.

“These include:

“A new A-Z training directory, which shares details of local and national training and how to access these courses. The resource aims to support adult social care staff and anyone interested in a career in care to easily access training to meet their needs.

“Local career pathways which showcase the different career opportunities available within the care sector. The career pathways outline the knowledge and skills required for people to reach their career goals, as well as highlight the core values needed to work in the adult social care sector. This resource is for those considering a career in care and as a CPD tool for existing staff for discussion in their appraisals/supervisions when considering their development opportunities.

“Finally, wellbeing is a significant factor for retaining staff and signposting to relevant and appropriate support can be challenging. With this in mind, Proud to Care have created a wellbeing and pastoral support webpage which outlines the various offers available to Gloucestershire care providers.

“If you would like to be involved in any of the activities mentioned above or would like to offer the team any feedback on any of the pages outlined above please get in touch as we want to ensure the resources are useful and up-to-date.

“Please contact the Proud to Care team at ptc@gloucestershire.gov.uk with any feedback or enquiries.”