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The Wellbeing Line is the Gloucestershire Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub, offering confidential mental health and wellbeing support to anyone working in health and social care in Gloucestershire. 


  • Available to all staff, no matter your role 
  • Confidential and completely independent of your employer 
  • Provides a safe space for people to talk about their mental health and wellbeing 

Support for Individuals


  • Direct access – there is no need for referral or the completion of any paperwork or questionnaires
  • Contact us by phone for a supportive and non-judgemental conversation
  • We will listen to your concerns and work together to make sense of what is going on, then think about possible ways forward
  • We will always offer to follow up and “check in” with you a couple of weeks after your initial call
  • The Wellbeing Line is not an emergency or crisis service. We do not provide 1-1 therapy or counselling but we can direct you to where does, if that is what you would like.
  • No problem is too small – get in touch.

Support for Teams:

  • We offer support for teams which is targeted at the specific needs of each team.
  • We encourage managers and team leaders to speak with one of our clinical psychologists in the first instance to discuss options for team support.

Examples of some of the support we have offered to teams:

  • Looking After Your Health and Wellbeing (60-minute session)
  • Decompression/Reflective Practice Session (60-90-minute session)
  • Bespoke Sessions (30-60 minutes) – We can run sessions on specific topics that are related to mental health and wellbeing.
  • Compassion Focused Staff Support (CFSS; Six x 60-minute sessions) – a group programme.
  • Meet the Team (15-30 minutes)

Support for Team Leads/Managers

  • Consultation: We offer a 30-60-minute telephone or MS Teams consultation to managers and team leaders who are concerned about a colleague. The consultation is with a clinical psychologist, who will help you explore ways of supporting your team members and ways to normalise conversations about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Peer Connecting Sessions: We also run regular 50-minute facilitated peer support sessions for those individuals with Line Management responsibility, who support others in health and social care across the Integrated Care System (ICS).
  • Leading with Compassion Programme: A programme currently being developed, contact us for more information.


Health & Wellbeing Champions:

Become a Health and Wellbeing Champion! Are you interested in workplace health and wellbeing? Health and Wellbeing Champions support their teams by sharing information and ideas about how to look after their wellbeing, and may even organise some special activities to bring everyone in the team together.

Support for Health & Wellbeing Champions:

  • Fortnightly ‘Peer Connecting Sessions’ via MS Teams
  • A fortnightly email bulletin with resources, information and updates
  • Opportunities for training and to attend events

This doesn’t have to sit just with managers, so open up the discussion with your team and widen this role out.

If you’d like to find out more or sign up, email hello@thewellbeingline.co.uk