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Trusted Assessors

Trusted Assesors

The TA’s are employed by GCPA to work on behalf of all care providers throughout Gloucestershire. This free service facilitates a safe and timely discharge for residents from hospital back to their care facility.

Who are we?

Kate Counter is a registered nurse and has over 35 years’ experience in primary, secondary and community nursing at a senior level. Netty Wyndham-Wade has over 35 years’ experience in adult social care,  from “hands on carer” to domiciliary manager. Both Kate and Netty work part-time between Monday-Friday, 9-5 and can be contacted by telephone and email.

Contact details

Email: ta@gcpa.co.uk
Kate –  Tel: 07354 842328
Netty – Tel: 07354 842410

Read the BBC News article about the TA service here: