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“Between now and the end of March 2024 we’re making changes to the way providers interact with us, including introducing our new provider portal.

Our new portal will offer a better experience when submitting statutory notifications and completing some registration actions.

At the moment, only those who have been invited can join the new portal. But from the start of March 2024 any provider can register on the new portal and set up their account.

If you’ve already responded to one of our invitations and joined the new portal, thank you. If you’ve not yet signed up, you can do so from 11 March 2024.

Here’s what to do to get ready for these changes:

  • Make sure all the contact details we hold for your organisation are correct (you’ll need to sign up to the new portal using an email address we have on record)
  • Watch the introduction to our new provider portal
  • As soon as you receive an invite, sign up to our new portal
  • If you don’t receive an invite to the new portal, sign up as soon as you can from the start of March 2024